IPA - the Internet Protocol for Alarm Management


The alarm source can be described in detail using the following elements. The alarm receiver may consider the contents of the Source tag as direct content, if it doesn't need the details.

Note that this is meant to identify the source of the alarm, not the location of the alarm. The difference is that a source doesn't change for the duration of the alarm.


Description Mandatory
Client Client, company or customer ID No
Department Department within the client's organization No
Building Building ID, when there are multiple buildings No
Ward Ward (as in hospital ward) No
Section Section of the building No
Room Room number No
Detector Detector ID No
Transmitter Transmitter ID (serial number), if the alarm was triggered by a wireless transmitter. No
Phone Phone number No
Address Slave address in a bus system, IP address, EMail address etc. No

Example - Simple ID as direct content


Example - Detailed source information